Integration Services

Exceleron believes in time-efficient, cost-effective and high quality services/tools. We pride ourselves in providing you with the best and most qualified experts to implement your system in every way possible to ensure that you have what you need and on time. We can assure you that our experts will support nearly any feature of enlarging the network to installing a new one right where you need it by full organization and program management. With the efforts and management, we deploy your system to be up and running on time and with quality, ensuring return on your investment. Therefore, our services are suitable for your business aims as well as your subscribers.


Support Services

One of the most effective programs to overcome performance issues and minimize glitches in any network is Exceleron's complete professional services portfolio of Network Care. To get the full advantage of setting up or expanding a network, you usually aim to efficiently manage all the operating costs as well as maximizing profits and try to achieve ever increasing demands of the users as fast as possible. NCS provides superior expertise and efficient services that ensure a steady performance of the network which is always available and reliable for the users to use endlessly and without any problems. Now all that is much easier to attain through Exceleron's NCS which helps you achieve the most out of your investment in the network at a very reasonable and affordable price.

The efficiency of O&M activities is what ensures the overall effectiveness of the network. O&M is cost generator as opposed to revenue. This requires a smarter mode of working and this is why providers opt for more professional services to make processes more proficient. With access to NCS, operators can choose which services will best cater to their requirements and be assured that these services are provided with success of the operators in view. With the mix of experience, innovation, enthusiasm, ingenuity and creativity, Exceleron provides direct support to service providers regarding critical issues they need to overcome. The services supplied will reduce costs by lowering operating expenses, reducing maintenance, site visits and effectively increasing overall network availability.



Value Added Services

We have the skills set, experience and knowledge to dimension Telecommunication Networks. The areas we cover under the service are:
  • Core Network Design and Capacity Planning
  • Access Network Design and Capacity Planning
  • Backhaul Design and Capacity Planning
  • RF Design and Planning
  • IP Networks Planning
  • Network Audit (RF, Core, E2E)

We use highly sophisticated self-developed analysis tools to enhance performance and services in a very professional manner by sharing the outcomes of all analyses done in an intelligible form for all to understand, even those without technical background. Exceleron has edge over most vendors since we have alliances and access to R&D teams available to tailor solutions and tools as per networks' requirements.

Following is our suite of Network Optimization services:

  • GAccess Network Optimization
  • Core Network Optimization
  • Transmission Optimization
  • IP Network Optimization
  • SCPC Satellite Communication Equipment (Component Level)


Managed Services

We have the knowledge required to manage intricate operations required by a network as well as the technical novelty, tools and developments. Exceleron offers you to hand over all management and operational responsibilities to us to take care of the complex abilities that are needed to run a telecommunications network. We find no problem in managing large networks, no matter where they are. These services can be attained through packages to enhance the efficiency across your organization or they can be catered to your needs. Exceleron's managed services are evaluated using Key Performance Indicators and regulated by a Service Legal Agreement which is contracted for a number of years, therefore, rest assured that your network is obtaining the best required levels of service that one would anticipate and call for.


Consultancy Services

XC prides itself with the rich experience of its resources & partners in telecom industry, working at both technical and management levels, in both fixed and wireless networks. Therefore, we have decided to make Consultancy services a vital part of our offering to assist our valued customers in challenges they face in any type of task they face, whether business related or technical.

In the face of the business consolidations worldwide, the new and imminent challenge that most operators would face will be the Network Convergence. Whether it's Fixed-Mobile or Mobile-Mobile network convergence, XC will be at your side assisting you to achieve the most cost effective network consolidation with minimal disruption to your valued customers - no mean task indeed!


Optimization Services

The purpose of the optimization services is to scientifically, statistically and realistically monitor network quality to provide:
  • Network quality evaluation while monitoring improvements/deteriorations
  • Network traffic pattern evaluation for traffic optimization recommendations
  • As Built Verification of the network for accurate optimization exercise

Quality and Relevance of Design

Assess the continuing appropriateness and relevance of the Network. Assess what adjustments have been made and what others might be necessary. In particular:

  • To what extent are the objectives, of the areas where network is deployed, still valid?
  • Why is there a gap between RF coverage simulations and the on-ground reality?
  • How the capacity is being consumed by subscribers' behavior?
  • Are there any major risks or 'killer assumptions' that are currently not being taken into account?



The effectiveness would be visible through statistical analysis and Drive Test Analysis, where the quality of network would have improved, traffic balancing has been achieved and there is positive balance between revenue and OPEX for the operator.


Applications Services

We offer solutions and services required for increasing revenue with the deployed network and also if the expansion is required, it is supported by revenue generated by the applications/services. We have the expertise and experience required to implement them in a way that will ensure an increase in your revenues. The potential we have means that we are all you need for conveying a complete solution with our services.

Custom Software/Tool Development

At Exceleron Communications, we productively carry out some easy steps that facilitate us in delivering customized projects to our valued customers in the most effective way.

1. Application Requirements Analysis

Our team, through discussions with you, will find out the exact business needs for your application. With our understanding, we will work with you to list down the functionalities that will be required to accomplish your business goals.

2. Architecture / Technology Analysis

Based on the conditions and requirements provided by your business, our development team will review the technical specifications of your product and devise methods and technologies that will serve the most robust, cost-effective solution to your project.

3. Feature Document

The Feature Document will be provided to you that will outline all of the required elements and functionality of your application. It basically serves an efficient way to review the project in its complete entity thus locking the functionality modules to serve as a basis for your project as it advances.

4. Design Input

Before developing the project our team will present you with the visual representation of your project so you can see how your application will look like after development. Your design input will serve to build highly user friendly application to your project.

5. Development Phase

We will develop your fully functional application and build any databases as needed according to mutual contracted design and functionalities.

6. Integration and IOT

We will make sure that design and functionality of final product produces desired results within a test environment.

7. Final Release

We will fully setup the new working environment for the successful launch of your project. In case of upgrade, we will provide friendly assistance for the transition of your existing system to the new environment.

8. Support

Support staff at Exceleron will keep in touch with you during the development of your project, and will also be there to provide full knowledgeable support and consultation to your product and team after its implementation. As your business develops we can also provide On Job Trainings to guide users on your request.


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